ASEP - Get With The Program

Imagine a two-year apprenticeship at specially selected, trained and equipped community colleges in Canada with the most advanced, practical automotive technical training going.

That's what ASEP is all about - solid education combined with invaluable work experience at a General Motors Dealership.

  • Introduction to ASEP

    The ASEP (Automotive Services Educational Program) is a comprehensive program that's designed to train candidates in leading edge diagnostic and repair techniques on today's GM vehicles. Over a two-year period, you'll be trained on a rotational basis with eight weeks in the classroom and eight weeks of hands-on, paid work experience in a GM dealership.

    All ASEP's classroom instructors are trained by General Motors and are in tune with the latest trends in technology. You'll also have the advantage of learning with the latest models of GM vehicles.

    An ASEP Dealer Coordinator will supervise your work at the dealership and complete reports that document your progress. You will also learn about shop routine and general procedures, as well as how to communicate with customers.

    Take a look at some of the courses ASEP has to offer:

    • Communication Skills
    • Fundamentals of Electricity
    • Concepts in Safety
    • Introduction to Vehicle Service
    • Service Related Techniques
    • Fuel and Emission Systems
    • Suspension, Steering and Brakes
    • Basic Electronic Systems
    • Welding (electric and oxyacetylene)
    • Climate Control Systems
    • Customer Service Relations
    • Engine and Transmission Systems
    • Powertrains
    • Micro Computer Concepts
    • Advanced Electronic Systems

    With ASEP you'll...

    • Combine world class education with work experience
    • Develop the highest level of GM Dealership technical training
    • Gain the potential to earn above average salaries
    • Build a prestigious career through continuing education, certification programs and on-the-job training
    • Alternate between classroom training and paid work experience as a dealership employee
    • Earn a post secondary diploma and an opportunity to grow within the dealership/retail organization

    Helpful ASEP resources

    ASEP Student Presentation

    ASEP Brochure

  • ASEP Qualification & Requirements

    Student Qualifications

    To qualify for the ASEP program, you must be a Grade 12 graduate or equivalent, with a strong academic background in Math, English and Physics. You must also successfully complete a college administered entrance examination.

    You are required to arrange for a General Motors Dealer to sponsor you and register with the appropriate Provincial Government Apprenticeship Agency. If you need help finding a GM Dealer, ask your high school about their co-op programs – many GM Dealers are on high school co-op program lists.

    Then, all you have to do is fulfill your employment commitment and keep up the academic and attendance standards by taking part in all of the learning activities.

    Government Assistance

    You're responsible for buying your own basic hand tools (approx. $2,000), but government assistance may be available for some program costs if you qualify.

    Tools Assistance

    To help ease the cost of supplies, Snap-on Tools offers a start-up program for ASEP students. Simply e-mail or call 1-888-451-8665 for more details.


    To help you “earn as you learn,” you are a paid employee of the dealership while you are in the dealership portion of your training.

    ASEP offers excellent financial rewards to those who master the technical aspects of modern automotive technology. So get in there and roll up your sleeves.

    Updating Courses

    Your work experience will give you the opportunity to apply the theory you've learned in the classroom, establishing a solid foundation for further development of your skills and knowledge.

    And once you're finished ASEP, your education doesn't stop there. Ongoing GM updating courses will keep you on the leading edge of automotive technology.

  • Colleges And Contacts

    GM ASEP locations in Canada

    College of the North Atlantic St. John’s, Newfoundland
    Nova Scotia Community College Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    New Brunswick Community College Moncton, New Brunswick
    Algonquin College Nepean (Ottawa), Ontario
    Centennial College Scarborough, Ontario
    Mohawk College Stoney Creek (Hamilton), Ontario
    Fanshawe College London, Ontario
    Red River College Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Transportation Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Transportation Regina, Saskatchewan
    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Edmonton, Alberta
    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Calgary, Alberta
    British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby, British Columbia

    For more information on ASEP, please contact the Canadian National GM ASEP Coordinator at