We pioneer the innovations that move and connect people to what matters.


Our new Ultium Platform can help put everyone in an EV, bringing the world to an all-electric future.

Vehicle Safety

Research, technology and advocacy inform our holistic approach to engineering safety through a human lens.

Social Impact

We are committed to becoming the most inclusive company in the world and we won’t stop until we get there.


These are the behaviors by which we measure ourselves

We aspire to be the world’s most inclusive company and to conduct ourselves with fairness and transparency toward everyone we interact with.

Be Inclusive

Creating an environment where all voices can be heard.

Think Customer

Putting the customer at the center of every decision.

Innovate Now

Bringing urgency to achieving our vision every day.

Look Ahead

Stepping back and considering what the company should be doing.

One Team

Working together despite the distance.

Be Bold

Respectfully speaking up, exchanging feedback and boldly sharing ideas without fear.

It’s on Me

Taking personal responsibility for your work and contributions to our culture.

Winning With Integrity

Doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult.