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Employee Spotlight – Jennifer Naczynski


Meet Jennifer Naczynski, a Managing Engineer based out of our Canadian Technical Centre Oshawa Campus.

Employee Spotlight – Ahmed El Ganzouri


Meet Ahmed El Ganzouri, Sustainability Programs Manager based out of our Canadian Headquarters.

Employee Spotlight – Stanley Fok


Meet Stanley Fok, Engineering Group Leader in the Infotainment Software group, based out of our Canadian Technical Centre Markham campus.

Employee Spotlight – Negin Lashkari


Meet Negin Lashkari, a Controls Development Engineer in Advanced Vehicle Prognostics, as a part of the Autonomous Driving and Active Safety team, based out of our Canadian Technical Centre Markham campus.

We Do So Much More – Meet Jessica Neilands


Meet Jessica Neilands, a Global Supply Chain Group Leader at the CAMI Assembly Plant.

Employee Spotlight - Ramzi Abdelmoula


Meet Ramzi Abdelmoula, a Senior Technology Specialist leading the artificial intelligence (AI) efforts at CTC Oshawa Campus.

Employee Spotlight - Tara Craigen


Meet Tara Craigen, an Engineering Group Manager for the Lateral Controls, Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous team at CTC Markham Campus.

Employee Spotlight - George Floarea


Meet George Floarea, a Lead Mechanical Project Engineer on the Urban Mobility team at GM Canada. George joined the GM Canada engineering team 20 years ago upon immigrating to Canada. A career highlight for George is the newly developed eBike, ARĪV, that he helped build from the ground up. He says, “The project is as much challenging as it is exciting.” He is also very proud of his several patents that have saved GM over $30 million dollars.

Employee Spotlight – Shoney Mohammed


Meet Shoney Mohammed, a Software Quality Control Specialist at the Canadian Technical Centre, Markham Campus. Shoney has always loved cars and her passion grew when she joined GM Canada in early 2018 after immigrating from India. Every day she looks forward to coming to work for a company that embraces all cultures with an open collaborative mindset. Shoney’s journey inspires us to take on challenges in a new environment.

Employee spotlight – Stacey Marmara


Meet Stacey Marmara, Active Safety Advanced Development Engineer at our Canadian Technical Centre in Oshawa.

Employee Spotlight – Lynn Dony


Meet Lynn Dony, Simulation Engineer on our Active Safety and Autonomous team, based out of our Canadian Technical Centre Markham campus.

Employee Spotlight – Remy Audel


Meet Remy Audel, Controls and Diagnostics Development Engineer at our Canadian Technical Centre Markham Campus.

Employee Spotlight – Sabrina Keeler-Beggs


I’ve been at GM for 10 years in various roles such as District Manager, Retail Planning, Assistant Brand Manager, and Advertising for our Certified Service.

Employee Spotlight – Richard Hamilton


Meet Richard Hamilton, Controls Integration Engineer on our Active Safety team at our Canadian Technical Centre Markham Campus.

Employee Spotlight – David Canella


Meet David Canella, Advanced Technology Specialist on our Connected Vehicle and Human Machine Interface team in Oshawa.

Employee Spotlight – Jordie McAuley


Meet Jordie McAuley, Engineer and adventure seeker based out of our Canadian Technical Centre Oshawa campus. A passion for innovation and tech brought Jordie to GM where he is currently part of our Engineering Development Opportunity program. He is also a big advocate for extra-curriculars and is on many of GM’s sports teams! Read his full story here.

Employee Spotlight – Jennifer Cowdrey


Meet Jennifer Cowdrey, Quality Crew Lead at our CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario.

Employee spotlight – Vijay Bala


Meet Vijay Bala, Manufacturing Engineer at our Oshawa Assembly Plant.

Employee Spotlight – Rhonda Rulli


Meet Rhonda Rulli, supermom of three and Business Planner at our St. Catharines Propulsion plant.

Employee Spotlight – Anand Bhundia


Meet co-op student and basketball fan Anand Bhundia. Anand is a Chassis Manufacturing Engineer at our Oshawa Assembly Plant.

Employee Spotlight – Matt Pollet


Meet Matt Pollet, Quality Engineer at our Oshawa Assembly Plant. Matt has held four different roles in his last five years at GM and he is excited to see where the future will take him!

Terry Ostan – Father and Leader


Since starting to work for General Motors Canada over 34 years ago, Terry Ostan has accomplished a lot. As a scholarship student in the Power Train group in 1983, Terry grew a liking for Innovation while working on non-standard projects and is now a Senior Manager for Innovation and Advanced Technologies.

Employee Spotlight – Kunal Fegade


Meet Kunal Fegade, Manufacturing Engineering intern at the Oshawa Assembly Plant.

Scott Calnek – Father and Leader


Being a parent can be a lot like managing a team. Each role comes with lots of responsibility but they are both rewarding. Scott Calnek is a senior manager of Automated Driving and Autonomous engineering activities at GM Canada, but he is also a father to two young kids.

Employee Spotlight – Brandon Hart


Meet Brandon Hart, Controls System Engineer within our Active Safety Diagnostics team at GM Canada.

Career Advice from Employees


We asked these 6 employees to share what they believe has contributed to their success at GM. Check out what they had to say!

Employee Spotlight - Rajeev Jeyaraj


Meet Rajeev Jeyaraj, Software Engineer within our Infotainment department at our Canadian Technical Centre Markham Campus.

Employee Spotlight – Tyler Jamieson


Meet Tyler Jamieson, Controls Development Engineer working on prognostics for Autonomous Vehicle technologies!

Employee Spotlight – Julie Briffa


Meet Julie Briffa, Test Engineer on our Kapuskasing Cold Weather Testing team! (Brrr...we know!)

Employee Spotlight - Mustafa El-Rahi


It’s a fascinating time to be a co-op student or new grad working at GM Canada! We recently had the chance to sit down with Mustafa El-Rahi, one of our Bench Development Engineer Interns, to discuss his career journey, some of the innovative projects he is working on and some fun facts.