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WORKDAY: Setting Up Your GMID, 2-Step Verification Preferences & More

Every GM Canada employee is required to make the following changes themselves to their employee file in the HR program called Workday:

  • Update personal information and emergency contacts
  • Add or change your banking information
  • Request leaves of absence like parental leave or sick leave
  • Complete the Employment Equity Survey
  • Access to your paystubs and T4 slips

To access Workday, every employee has to have an active GMID

To set up your GMID:

  1. Use a non-GM computer or cellphone (must not be logged into someone else’s GMID profile) – a personal computer is the easiest option
  2. Open the document entitled '2-Step Verification Set-Up Instructions’
  3. Visit and click Activate Your GMID to begin

Note: you will need the nine-digit number on your employee badge and the last four digits of your SIN number to get started.


If you have questions or need assistance contact the Global Shared Service Centre, at 1-800-930-9130 or


Setting up your GMID and 2-step verification preferences gives you access to our company intranet Socrates and directly to Workday. From there:

  • An option will appear asking if you have InTune - if using a personal device click "NO"
  • Then log in using your newly created GMID and password
  • Do a quick 2-step verification and then you're in

OR, download the Workday app. Please note, you cannot change banking info using the app at this time.

Forgot Your GMID:

  1. Go to
  2. Under 'Forgot your GMID?' heading click 'GM Employees'
  3. Enter the info requested to see your GMID

Reset Password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Password Reset and Account Recovery’
  3. Enter the info requested and change your password

Change 2-Step Verification Info:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Configure 2-Step Verification Preferences’
  3. Enter the info requested and change your 2-step preferences information