Let’s give EVs more screen time

GM and Netflix are teaming up to give EVs the stage they deserve.

Our big announcement

EV enthusiast Will Ferrell enters the world of some of the biggest films and shows on Netflix and asks the simple question, "what if this were an EV?"



Back-End View of GMC Sierra EV Looking Towards a Gloomy Cityscape
2024 Sierra EV will not be sold in Canada. 2025 Sierra EV is anticipated to be available in Canada with limited supply starting Spring 2024.
Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 show car shown. Actual production model may vary. See GMCCanada.ca for details. Vehicle usage and driving scenes are fictional and performed by professionals on a closed set. Do not attempt.

An all-electric future for everyone

When GM stood on its platform and invited #EverybodyIn, we meant everybody.

We’re electrifying the automotive industry, engineering EVs with purpose built, ground-up design, powered by our Ultium Platform1 technology. And because entertainment has a huge impact on culture, Netflix is joining the movement by increasing the presence of EVs in some of their original content. GM and Netflix are joining forces to give EVs the stage they deserve, reflecting society’s increasing excitement about an all-electric future.

Meet the cast

Introducing the stars, on- and off-road, today.

Take charge in an EV

Find out more about our lineup of GM EVs and our commitment to an all-electric future.

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Depicted vehicles, chargers, and features may be simulated or preproduction and are subject to change. Certain products are not currently available or subject to limited availability.
Buick Wildcat concept vehicle shown. For vehicle availability, features and limitations, see brand’s website and vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

Beautiful Landscape of a Forest Looking over a Lake and Mountains

Sustainability for all the world to see

Netflix exists to entertain the world, and that requires a habitable world to entertain. Which is why environmental sustainability is important to Netflix.

Click to learn more about Netflix’s broader commitment to more sustainable storytelling.

Upcoming Shows

See our EVs in action.

Netflix Love Is Blind Promotion Poster

Love is Blind

The stylish and efficient Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Chevrolet Bolt EV will be featured in Season 4 of this wild social experiment.

Collage of Netflix’s The Brothers Sun Cast and Characters

The Brothers Sun

The affordable, all electric Chevrolet Bolt EUV makes an appearance in this season of this action-packed drama.

Netflix’s Queer Eye Promotion Poster

Queer Eye

The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV Pickup will be strutting its stuff and stealing the show in Season 7 of this popular reality television show.

Netflix’s Unstable Cast Member Rob Lowe Headshot


Enjoy this new comedy starring Rob Lowe, his son John Owen Lowe and the sleek and stylish Cadillac LYRIQ.