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All About MyLinkTM Radio

Chevrolet MyLinkTM Radio1 offers the entertainment of Stitcher SmartRadioTM , Gracenote®, a USB2 connection for flash memory capability, and an enhanced hands-free voice control system that makes it simple for drivers to use while navigating the road.

Get Connected

MyLinkTM1 lets you connect your smartphone to your Chevrolet vehicle without the use of wires. A 17.8-cm
(7-inch) diagonal, high-resolution touchscreen display combined with the latest technology allows you to stay in control without using multiple devices.

  • YouTube Instructional Videos
  • Pair Up Your Device
  • USB Connectivity
  • Bluetooth® Streaming Audio

Be Entertained

Entertainment. Connection. Control. By allowing you to connect devices, such as compatible smartphones, iPods®/iPhones®, MP3 players, Bluetooth®-enabled devices and USB drives,2 Chevrolet MyLinkTM1 gives you access to endless entertainment, utilizing the latest in touchscreen and voice-recognition technology. That means you can access thousands of your songs, your phonebook, Internet radio, and over 120 channels of SiriusXMTM music talk, and more – all in one place – and all with the sound of your voice.

XM Select on SiriusXMTM

Imagine starting your vehicle and having whatever you want to listen to at your fingertips. That's XM Select on SiriusXMTM.3 If you have an active SiriusXMTM subscription, which comes standard with a 90-day trial on most Chevrolet models, Chevrolet MyLinkTM1 gives you access to over 120 channels. You can listen to commercial-free music, plus sports, talk, entertainment, comedy and more, using nothing more than a few buttons. Learn More?

Music & Photos

It's your music, so you should be able to play it when and where you want. While past vehicles have featured iPod® integration, it was nothing like this. Pair your smartphone via Bluetooth® with MyLinkTM – or plug in your iPod®, iPhone®, or USB media device2 – and the system catalogues your songs and allows you to easily access them using enhanced voice control, steering wheel controls, or MyLinkTM's touchscreen. Simply say, "Play artist ________" and let the soundtrack for your road trip begin. Learn More?

Hands-Free Calling

Chevrolet MyLinkTM1 helps you stay connected while your hands stay planted firmly on the steering wheel. Simply pair your Bluetooth®-enabled phone and say what you want it to do, such as, "Call Amanda at home." You can also easily navigate your phonebook or recent call list from MyLink'sTM1 touchscreen interface, or transfer calls from your MyLinkTM system back to your smartphone. Learn More?


Just like the latest smartphones and tablets, Chevrolet MyLinkTM operates on an app-based interface. Great apps – including Stitcher SmartRadioTM – are already loaded into your MyLinkTM system. To access apps, press the corresponding icon on your MyLinkTM touchscreen. Learn More?

Gracenote® Technology

Gracenote® improves how you access and manage your music through cover art and enhanced voice-recognition capabilities. Plus, Gracenote® lets you use artist nicknames as voice commands to easily access your favourite music. Learn More?


Chevrolet MyLinkTM1 gives you the capability of a smartphone on your radio screen. But it hasn't forgotten about the classic radio; it's just made it easier to use. Whether you're listening to AM or FM radio or using a CD, MyLinkTM lets you use the same capabilities that make it so simple to use. Just say a station and MyLinkTM1 will switch there in an instant, letting you keep your hands on the wheel. Learn More?

Navigation & Destination

If your vehicle is equipped with the available built-in Navigation features,4 you can access maps, driving directions and more – directly from your MyLinkTM1 home screen. Touch the Navigation icon for 2D or 3D maps, to pinpoint your exact location, or even to locate nearby points of interest. Select the Destination icon to get directions or access your frequently traveled routes. Learn More?



  • Overview
  • SiriusXM
  • iPod/iPhone/USB
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Stitcher SmartRadio
  • Gracenote Technology
  • AM/FM/CD


  • Hands-Free Connection
  • Radio Controls
  • Steering Wheel Controls

Connect a Device

  • Pairing a Phone
  • USB Connectivity

   Q: What is Chevrolet MyLinkTM?

  • MyLinkTM1 is the Chevrolet infotainment brand that is currently available on the 2013 Malibu, Equinox, Volt, Cruze and Camaro. This site supports owners of those vehicles. The media system retains all of the capabilities of today's entertainment units, including AM/FM/SiriusXMTM tuners, CD player with MP3 playback, auxiliary inputs and USB inputs.2 Front and centre is a high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen display that makes the new media system more usable, informative and attractive. Chevrolet MyLinkTM1 combines Bluetooth®2 audio streaming from smart phones with a wireless connection that is integrated through Bluetooth®. This connection builds on the usual hands-free phone capabilities already offered in most Chevrolet products. A Gracenote® database built into the system makes it easier for Chevrolet owners to select tracks stored locally on their devices to play. MyLink'sTM touchscreen (steering wheel control works well here as an alternative to touchscreen) and enhanced voice control interfaces allow handheld phones to be safely stowed while driving. Finally, MyLinkTM1 allows Chevrolet drivers to listen to their own "self-created" stations through StitcherTM.

   Q: How have you addressed the issue of distracted driving?

  • GM has worked with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to develop driver-interface test methods and voluntary guidelines that address interactions with advanced in-vehicle systems such Chevrolet MyLinkTM.1 The guidelines and GM's testing process were used throughout the development of MyLinkTM to make sure that driver distraction risks are manageable. Having the ability to control smartphone features with simple voice commands rather than direct handling of the device is expected to reduce distraction and help the driver keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.