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Coach's Kit

If you’re a Peewee coach and you’ve signed up your team, this is the kit you’ll be receiving. Completely free. Every kit is a premium coach’s hockey bag that comes with 20 pairs of skate laces, 7 practice pucks, 50 helmet stickers, and 1 Most Inspirational Player Award. These tools are provided to develop your players on the ice, while introducing them to important values learned through hockey. Every time you have a game or practice, they’ll be reminded of what it takes to perform on and off the ice.

Skate Laces

Every time your team laces up their skates they’ll be reminded of what it takes to be the best they can possibly be with our Inspirational Laces. On each lace you’ll find various Chevrolet Hockey Values.

Practice Pucks

When your team gets on the ice for skills and drills, they’ll see the Chevrolet Hockey Values on their pucks as a constant reminder of what it takes to succeed on and off the ice.

Helmet Stickers

Recognizing players who embody the Chevrolet Hockey Values is important. Included in this kit you’ll find 50 helmet stickers to give out to the players who bring those values to life both on and off the ice. The stickers allow your players to show off their commitment and achievements.

Most Inspirational Player Award

This is an end of year award given to the player who has dedicated themselves to on and off the ice improvement. This player is a leader who’s driven and who is constantly pushing themselves and their teammates to do and be better.