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Chevrolet Hockey:
Power of Play

The Chevrolet Power of Play hockey program seeks to inspire young Canadians to be better people by promoting the positive values learned through hockey. Along with our partners at Hockey Canada, we’ve brought together Gold Medal winners to help inspire and develop our future hockey players on and off the ice.

Sign Up Your Team

All coaches of registered Peewee Hockey teams in Canada are eligible to participate. You’ll receive your Free Coach’s Kit created with the help of Team Canada Gold Medal winners from Men’s and Women’s hockey.


1) What is the Chevrolet Power of Play Hockey Program?

The Chevrolet Power of Play Hockey Program is a grassroots hockey program for peewee teams that play under the Hockey Canada umbrella.

2) What does my team get for signing up?

Each team will receive a premium hockey bag team kit. Inside each team kit there are 20 inspirational skate laces, 20 rolls of inspirational stick tape, 20 pucks and 20 Most Inspirational Player awards.

3) Is there any cost associated with signing up for the program?

No. Everything is being given to your team courtesy of Chevrolet, as part of our ongoing effort to be a leading supporter of grassroots hockey in Canada.

4) What's the difference between inspirational tape and laces and regular tape and laces?

Chevrolet wants to pass along words of inspiration like Heart, Motivation, Believe and Determination from Team Canada Gold Medal winning hockey players. We’ve added these words on all of our team kit materials, so your players will be constantly reminded what it takes to achieve their dreams.

5) What is the Most Inspirational Player award?

The Most Inspirational Player award is a rubber case that holds a game puck. It is to be given out to the player on your team that displays the most character in games or practices. Each award has a space for coaches to write the player’s name on it to award their inspirational play.

6) Can I order another kit if we run out of the materials?

Unfortunately, not. We’re keeping orders to one kit per peewee team to allow the maximum number of teams across Canada to participate in our hockey program.

7) What happened to the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program?

The Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Program has come to a close. We would like to thank all of our partners, volunteers and participants who played a role in making this program a great success. Our new Power of Play Hockey Program is replacing the Safe & Fun Program.

8) Can anyone order the team kit?

Only peewee coaches can order the team kit as each order gets verified by Hockey Canada to ensure the team operates under their umbrella

9) How long does it take for the kit to arrive after I order it?

It takes up to 48 hours to verify that you're a peewee coach under Hockey Canada and an additional 4-5 weeks for your kit to arrive.

10) What if I coach two teams?

If you're a coach of two teams, you'll be able to order for each as long as both teams are registered in the peewee age group for Hockey Canada.

11) How can I get in touch with the program coordinators?

Please reach out to us at