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Pricing and Activation
Pricing and Activation
Listen to more for less

Listen to more for less

There are plenty of reasons why SiriusXM is so sweet, starting with the low monthly subscription cost of just $15.99 (+ taxes and fees). And with a factory-installed SiriusXM system, you get a 3-month trial so you can try it out at no additional charge.

  • Factory installation
  • No obligation, no contract for the trial period
  • Unlimited online access to SiriusXM during the trial period

SiriusXM Radio online trial

Interested in ordering SiriusXM on your next GM vehicle? Test-drive SiriusXM online before finalizing your vehicle purchase decisions. Visit today to sign up for your 30-day online trial.

Recently purchased a SiriusXM factory-equipped GM vehicle?

Call 1-877-209-0079 to activate the 3-month online trial that's included with your vehicle.

Activate your SiriusXM

The SiriusXM activation process depends on your vehicle status:

New vehicle factory-installed - Your 3-month trial is activated at the factory.

Certified Used vehicle - Activated automatically through your dealer upon delivery. The average activation time is 4 days.

Non-Certified Used vehicle or lapsed subscription - Call SiriusXM at 1-877-209-0079 to activate.

All others - Click here to begin or reactivate your subscription online.

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    Learn about SiriusXM Radio.

  • How it works

    How it works

    Clear reception from coast-to-coast.

  • Factory installation

    Factory Installation in GM Vehicles

    Factory installation means a flawless SiriusXM experience.

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    Got a question about SiriusXM? We've got the answers.