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GM Canada encourages all of its partners to be environmentally responsible.

Environmentally Sound Supply Chain

In the manufacturing and assembly of Canadian-built GM vehicles, GM Canada uses a wide range of suppliers. From bolts to wiring to lubricants, this combination of Canadian and international companies provides GM Canada with the essential components and materials needed to produce our innovative vehicles.

GM Canada encourages all suppliers to reduce their environmental impacts and, where feasible, implement waste diversion programs. For example, Oshawa Assembly is supporting one of its local suppliers in establishing a new recycling program for plastic and packaging material.

GM is also a member of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment. This association of automobile original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers work in collaboration with local governments to identify and implement initiatives to advance environmental sustainability. Working groups have been established to focus on important issues such as:

  • Chemical management
  • Energy and water reduction
  • Material efficiency and technology
  • Networking

Click here to learn more about Supplier Partnership.

End of Life Vehicles

End of Life Vehicles

GM Canada works collaboratively with the automotive recycling industry to support their efforts to manage end of life vehicles in an environmentally sustainable way while increasing the recyclability of these vehicles across Canada. This includes design requirements that assist in dismantling as well as labelling parts to help facilitate recycling. More than 85% of a vehicle can now be recycled, including all the metals, refrigerants, tires, batteries and automotive fluids. Vehicles are one of the most recycled products in North America.