Employee spotlight – Vijay Bala


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Meet Vijay Bala, Manufacturing Engineer at our Oshawa Assembly Plant.

1)  How long have you been at GM and what is your current role?

I have been at GM for 12 months now and have had the chance to work in three different roles. I am currently finishing up my co-op term as a Manufacturing Engineer. 

2)  What brought you to GM for your internship?

Working for a company like General Motors has always been a dream of mine. I strongly believed that GM offered careers that stemmed from discovery and the latest technology. This directly aligned with what I was looking for; the ability to innovate. I couldn't be more pleased to be working for such a great company alongside my fantastic team. 

3)  What is the best part about your job?

Everything. However, if I had to choose, the best part about my job would most definitely have to be the people. I have met so many great individuals whom share one common goal: continuous improvement. I have never regretted waking up in the morning and driving to work due to GM's positive culture. The second-best thing would be the opportunity to have worked in various roles and departments throughout my work term. At GM, you are treated equally, trusted, and respected despite your age or experience. 

4)  How has GM helped you grow?

Not only has GM helped me develop my communication and time management skills, but it has also taught me how to network effectively. Also, I was able to build my resume and transfer my knowledge from the classroom into the workplace. 

5)  What’s your favourite GM vehicle?

A sports car with a practical body and a remarkable design: 2018 Cadillac ATS-V. 

6)  If you could drive to one place where would it be?

I would much rather drive somewhere with purpose and history. I would elect to drive to SickKids Hospital because it has purpose and personal history. I would love to partake in an event hosted by SickKids and will always continue making contributions. In recent months, larger contributions than normal, thanks to GM. 

7)  What do you do on your free time?

Play basketball, play basketball, and play basketball. If you couldn't tell, I love basketball. I started a new project to build my own basketball court in my backyard - I can't wait until it's completed. Sometimes my friends and family think I am obsessed. I don't know, maybe a little? 

8)  What’s the last thing you watched on tv?

Dragon ball Z. Hands down the best show in the world, in my opinion. Dragon ball Z was my childhood and pretty much all I ever watched growing up as a kid. I re-watch every episode of every series every summer. 

9) What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

My grandma is very keen on religion, so for simplicity sake let's just say she has a fair amount of bibles in her possession. I was with my niece recently and she asked, "why does Grannie have so many books (bibles)?" I responded by saying, "she is studying very hard for finals, don't distract her." This made me chuckle as it was an innocent question which received a sarcastic answer.

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