Chevrolet C8 Corvette Dream Comes True for 12-Year-Old Boy from Thunder Bay


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Adason Schooler, a 12-year old boy from Thunder Bay, Ontario had always dreamt of visiting the National Corvette Museum and the Bowling Green Manufacturing Facility. However, when the global pandemic hit, Adason’s dream became less of a reality.

Adason and his family have a camp located near Blair Smith, District Manager for Thunder Bay. Every weekend, while up at his camp, Adason would ask Blair to bring a C8 for him to see and take a drive in. Every weekend Blair would have to say ‘no,’ as it was not in the scope of his role.

One afternoon, while driving home from a dealer contact, Blair had a great idea on how he could help to fulfill Adason’s dream. A friend and local businessman, Scott McLeod, ordered and took delivery of a C8 from Lake Shore Motors and Scott would reach out to Blair from time to time to ask questions about the car and accessories.

One evening, Blair called Scott and shared Adason’s dream to drive in a Corvette C8. Blair and Scott worked together to help make Adason’s dream a reality.

On October 1st, Blair took Adason to the McLeod’s residence to surprise him with a close-up of his dream car. Upon hearing the rumble of the engine in the garage, Adason knew exactly what was behind the door. He bolted to the front of the garage door with the biggest smile on his face.

Thanks to Blair’s creativity and willingness to go above and beyond, he was able to make one little boy’s dream a reality.

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