BrightDrop® is a new business from General Motors that’s reimagining commercial delivery and logistics for an all-electric future.

All-Electric Brightdrop Delivery Vehicle Parked in City

Introducing a smarter way to move your goods

Explore the cutting-edge delivery and logistics ecosystem built around technology and created for our all-electric future.


President and CEO, BrightDrop

“What sets BrightDrop apart is our ecosystem. We don’t just make electric vehicles or fleet management software. We build intelligent solutions that make the movement of goods simpler and more efficient, while delivering better communities for all of us.”

An All-Electric Zevo 600 Vehicle Driving to Deliver Goods and Services in the City

BrightDrop Zevo 600

The Zevo 600 is an all-electric light commercial cargo van purpose-built for the delivery of goods and services. It combines zero tailpipe emissions with segment-leading safety features1, offering an estimated range of up to 250 miles on a full charge2, peak charge rate of 170 miles of range per hour via 120 kW fast-charging3, and over 600 cu. ft. of cargo space. The Zevo 600 is powered by GM’s Ultium Battery Platform and will be manufactured at CAMI Assembly – Canada’s first large-scale auto plant converted to produce electric delivery vehicles.

Person Using Mobile Asset Management Software via Their Phone to Monitor Trace Location

BrightDrop Software Platform

Leveraging the connectivity built into every BrightDrop product, the BrightDrop Software Platform helps optimize business and fleet operations by enabling customers to see real-time location data of their BrightDrop products, monitor battery status, execute remote commands (like lock/unlock), manage charging operations, and receive over-the-air updates.

Among other features, operators of the BrightDrop Trace can control user access, view chain of custody, and monitor diagnostics. BrightDrop Zevo 600 fleet managers have access to driver performance monitoring, vehicle health reports, and automatic crash notifications.

BrigtDrop Logo

BrightDrop is uniquely positioned as a one-stop shop ecosystem for the delivery and logistics industry, integrating its software and connectivity expertise with GM’s electrification and manufacturing prowess.