everybody in.

Our Ultium Platform brings flexibility, power and range. We’re making Electric Vehicles for all.

We’re building today for a safe,
more sustainable tomorrow.

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell Standing on Top of General Motor’s Revolutionary Ultium Platform Battery.

The Start Button to an All-Electric Future has Been Pushed

Introducing the revolutionary Ultium Platform. Engineered for range, power and flexibility to charge fast, run long and fit every type of vehicle. An innovation that’s powering General Motors’ plan to offer 30 new EVs globally by 2025. Which means the day will soon come when everybody can drive an EV. Welcome to Generation E. Join us and together we’ll emit optimism.

“Our end goal is to create an effortless charging experience in the home, at the workplace and in public spaces.”

Dalya Aboona // Electric Vehicle Charging and Infrastructure Lead

At GM, we want to put everyone in an EV, and we believe we are the best company to do it.