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Photo of Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van
Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van
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Express Cutaway Vans provide a dependable and easily customized foundation for a wide range of commercial applications. On top of a choice of 139-in. 159-in. and 177-in. wheelbases and body lengths up to 4.9 m (16 ft.), Express Cutaway gives you a head start on your upfitting, thanks to a series of available Prep Packages, including ones tailored to School Bus, Shuttle Bus, R/V and Ambulance applications. Express Cutaways are the vans that are engineered and built with a detailed understanding of your business and what you need to keep it moving.

  • Standard 285 hp1 VortecTM 4.8L V8 engine on 3530 mm (139.0 in) and 4039 mm (159.0 in) models
  • Powerful 342hp VortecTM 6.0L V8 engine standard 4496 mm (177.0 in.) 3500 model and all 4500 models
  • Choice of three wheelbases: 3530 mm (139.0 in)2, 4039 mm (159.0 in) and 4496 mm (177.0 in)
  • GVWRs from 4355 kg (9600 lb) to 6441 kg (14,200 lb)
  • Available Duramax® 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel engine
  • Standard Theft deterrent system - engine immobilizer
  • Standard Driver Information Centre standard
  • Instrument panel features a standardmulti-function computer with improved diagnostic capabilities and warning systems

1. 260 hp with GVWR over 4,536 kg (10,000 lb)
2. Not available on 4500 models.

Chevrolet Express Cutaway Van


Engine Highlights:

  • Standard powerful VortecTM 6.0L V8 engine on 3500 177-inch wheelbase models and all 4500 models
  • Standard VortecTM 4.8L V8 on Short and Regular Wheelbase models
  • Available Duramax® 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine
Engine Availability Horsepower @ rpm Torque lb.-ft. @rpm
VortecTM 6.0L V8 324 @ 4800 373 @ 4400
VortecTM 4.8L V8 280 @ 52003 295 @ 4500
Duramax® 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel 260 @ 3100 525 @ 1600


Chassis Highlights:

  • Energy absorbing front end and strong, rigid frame for superior safety
  • Independent SLA front suspension for improved ride and handling
Model Payload kg (lb.)**
G33503 3314 kg (7307 lb.)
G33803 3316 kg (7310 lb.)
G33903 3285 kg (7242 lb.)
G33803 (4500 Series) 4153 kg (9156 lb.)
G33903 (4500 Series) 4023 kg (8868 lb.)

**Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment and cargo.

Model Wheelbase
mm (in.)
mm (in.)
Overall Length
mm (in.)
Max. Height
mm (in.)
mm (in.)
3500 SWB 3531 (139.0) 2032 (80.0) 6266 (246.7) 2106 (82.9) 2344 (92.3)
3500/4500 RWB 4039 (159.0) 2540 (100.0) 6774 (266.7) 2106 (82.9) 2344 (92.3)
3500/4500 LWB 4496 (177.0) 2997 (118.0) 7234 (284.8) 2106 (82.9) 2344 (92.3)


Getting the Right Body

Getting the right body begins with the right frame. Express Cutaway offers you a range of sizes to right-size your upfitting process. There are three wheelbases that can accommodate "hi-cube" style bodies up to 4.9 m (16 ft.) in length. You can also choose the right-sized hauling capacities for your specific application, with maximum payload capacities of up to 4,153 kg (9,156 lb.) and Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings go up to 5579 kg (12,300 lb.) on 3500 models and to 6441 kg (14,200 lb.) on 4500 models.

Once you've chosen the right Express Cutaway Van, it's time to choose a well-respected professional upfitter to complete the job. The right chassis and the right body equals the right van for you.

For more information on body builders, please visit Note: This is an American Web site and as such, the information provided is in English only.

GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty

The importance of reliability cannot be over-emphasized in commercial vehicles. Which is why we build them to withstand the daily rigours of commercial applications. In the unlikely event that you do run into any problems, the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers most defects for 3 years or 60,000 km.* In addition to your GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage your vehicle is covered by a 5 year/160,000 km* Powertrain Limited Warranty. Learn more about how the GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty offers you added peace of mind.

* Whichever comes first. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details.

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