Cadillac CUETM


Blending practical technology, highly intelligent design, and the intuitive controls of smartphones and tablets, the Cadillac CUE delivers a comprehensive experience focused on safe, connected driving. Effortless as it is advanced, CUE also features Enhanced Voice Recognition.

Cadillac CUE control console

The primary features that are accessible on your CUE centre touch-screen can also be displayed on your Driver Information Centre's instrument cluster or on your customizable instrument cluster (in select models). Both can be accessed via your steering wheel controls, allowing you to safely keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Cadillac CUE seamlessly connects you to a world of content. It can access every contact and song on your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone. With CUE, you are always connected.


SiriusXM on CUE

Cadillac CUE1 offers you the luxury of listening to whatever you want at the touch of a button with XM Select on SiriusXMTM.3 With an active SiriusXM subscription – which comes with a standard 90-day trial period – you can access 120 channels, including commercial-free music, plus sports, talk, entertainment, comedy and more.Learn More?


Connect your phone wirelessly

Cadillac CUE1 provides user-friendly connectivity. With it you can access every contact and song on your Bluetooth®4-enabled smartphone or other media device. You can also quickly plug in your device in the USB port in a hidden storage compartment located directly behind the CUE faceplate. Connect or plug in your iPod®/iPhone® or other USB media device, and the system catalogues your songs and allows you to easily access them using Natural Voice Recognition, steering wheel controls or the touch screen. Learn More?


Steering wheel controls

Cadillac CUE1 helps you stay connected while your hands stay planted firmly on the steering wheel. Simply pair CUE with your Bluetooth®4-enabled phone, and say what you want it to do, such as "Call home." You can also easily navigate your phone book or recent call list from the CUE touch screen interface or from the steering wheel controls. Learn More?


3D navigation available

If your Cadillac vehicle is equipped with navigation, CUE1 can help you find your way with 3D GPS navigation5 featuring turn-by-turn directions. With a simple swipe of a hand, maps can enlarge and OnStar® Turn-by-Turn Navigation can be moved from the centre display to the optional customizable instrument cluster, available on select vehicles. Learn More?


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OnStar has an amazingly simple way to keep you connected to everyone and everything that's important to you.

Available OnStar® with 4G LTE2 lets you move effortlessly from home to work to anywhere, without being disconnected from your world, through a built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot. It's ready to connect up to six devices6 at once, so your world will always be headed where you are. Learn More?



  • Bluetooth® Streaming Audio
  • USB Connectivity
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Radio
  • SiriusXM

   Q: Can my older Bluetooth® phone work with the Cadillac CUE1 system?

  • Yes, you can stream audio from any smartphone that supports Bluetooth® audio streaming.

   Q: Why won't my iPhone® work with Bluetooth® audio?

  • Apple devices that are connected through Bluetooth® only (USB not connected) will be able to play audio through Bluetooth® audio streaming, but you will not be able to access the full menu navigation and voice search feature until you connect the device through USB. When the device is connected with USB2 and Bluetooth®, the Bluetooth® audio feature is disabled.

   Q: If there is more than one Bluetooth®-enabled device in the vehicle, what device will Cadillac CUE default to?

  • Cadillac CUE can recognize up to 10 different Bluetooth®-enabled devices. It will recognize the devices in the order they are listed on screen. If a device listed isn't in the vehicle, CUE will recognize this and immediately pair with the device that is in the vehicle.

   Q: If there is more than one device in the vehicle, how can I switch devices?

  • Cadillac CUE1 stores up to 10 Bluetooth®-enabled devices. Simply press the phone button from the CUE touch screen or select from the phone menu in your instrument cluster using steering wheel controls. Scroll through the device list, and find the device you're looking for.