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Purchase financing puts you in the driver's seat

Purchase financing is an installment sale transaction between you, your bank and your dealer whereby you agree to pay the amount financed, plus an agreed-upon finance charge, over a period of time.

Generally, if you plan to drive your vehicle for more than just a few years, you consistently drive well over 24,000 kilometres a year, you subject your vehicles to rough treatment, you plan to alter the vehicle's appearance or if you feel more comfortable with the idea of "owning" a vehicle, purchase financing is probably right for you.

A quick look at the advantages of buying:

  • You will own the vehicle
  • The vehicle will be registered under your name
  • You can trade in your current vehicle to add to your down payment
  • You can keep your vehicle as long as you wish
  • There are no kilometrage restrictions
  • There are no wear and tear limitations
  • You may alter your vehicle any way you wish
  • You can pay out your finance contract at any time without penalty

The details of buying your vehicle:

Up-front costs

Down payment, registration fees and other charges.

Monthly payments

Usually higher than lease payments because you're paying for the entire purchase price, taxes and finance charges.

When payments end

You own your vehicle. You can choose to keep it, sell it or trade it in.

Wear and tear

Is your responsibility. In excess, it may lower your trade-in or resale value.


Coverage is required for the amount specified by your finance contract.

To change vehicles

Once fully paid for, you must sell it yourself, or negotiate a trade-in price when buying or leasing a new vehicle.

Annual kilometrage

Unlimited. Drive as far and as often as you want. Keep in mind high kilometrage may affect trade-in or resale value.