When it comes to tires, don’t let things slide

With another Canadian winter coming on, you should know that there’s no such thing as an ideal tire for all driving conditions.

While are designed to handle a wide range of dry and wet road conditions, the fact is they’re not the best performers on snow and ice or when temperatures dip.

Read the following 5 facts about winter tires, and consider putting a set on your vehicle this winter:

1. Most standard tires lose their elasticity at temperatures below 7ºC. Winter tires are made with softer rubber compounds that retain their elasticity in lower temperatures and actually “stick” to the ground in cold weather. And they have a more aggressive tread pattern that helps improve traction in water, slush, and snow.

2. Better traction in winter translates into improved vehicle handling and braking. In fact, depending on the speed and the type of vehicle, winter tires can provide up to a 10% improvement in braking distances.


3. Only tires with the peaked mountain with snowflake symbol are designed to meet snow traction performance requirements. 

4. Because they’re made of softer material, winter tires aren’t ideal for driving the rest of the year. They’ll wear faster, and possibly lower your fuel efficiency.

5. Make sure you change all four tires at the same time. Changing only your front or back tires to winter tires can affect the drivability of your vehicle.

The Certified Service experts at your dealership can recommend the right tires for your vehicle and may also offer off-season tire storage for your convenience.

See the benefits up close: Check out the features and benefits of a winter tire in this descriptive rendering.




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