The battle of the sexes: male versus female drivers

Husband and wife, Trevor and Virginia of Brooklin, Ontario always joke around about who's a better driver. And while the jokes are in good fun, Virginia says she thinks her husband secretly believes he's a better driver. Do other husbands out there hold this secret belief?

In part 3 of our debunking car myths series we put some of the most common male versus female driving myths to the test. You might be surprised to see who comes out on top!

MYTH: Men are safer drivers

TRUTH:This is probably one of the most prevalent driving myths and the most untrue. Men are actually more likely to be involved in serious vehicular accidents. Plus, according to a 2006 study conducted by Kanetix insurance, of all the incidences where Canadian drivers struck objects or other vehicles, only 34 percent were from women drivers. Sorry guys, but maybe it's time to start riding shotgun.

MYTH: Men are better at reading maps

TRUTH:This one definitely goes to the guys. Most studies will tell you that men's brains tend to master spatial reasoning and awareness better. That means they find it easier to match angles and mentally rotate objects, whereas women's brains tend to be more verbally dextrous. So the next time you're lost, leave the map reading to the guys.

MYTH: Women get fewer traffic tickets

TRUTH:This is true. In Canada, men are around 3 times more likely to get a speeding ticket. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at Cornell University found that men in the U.S. are only 0.3% more likely to get a traffic ticket, and in some areas, are actually less likely to be ticketed. Ladies—they're on to you.

MYTH: Men know more about cars so they're in charge of choosing one

TRUTH:This might have been true 50 years ago, but not anymore. In fact, women are responsible for 65% of all new car purchases. Even more interesting, ladies are now influencing about 85% of the purchase decision. Don't worry guys; you've still got a 15% say.

MYTH: The main thing women look for in a car is cup holders

TRUTH:Actually, women have become more demanding car customers than men. They want performance and design, but not at the expense of safety. They also tend to pay more attention to details, like positioning of the controls and trim. Men focus more on power, speed and styling. Cup holders, although still very useful, don't seem to be tipping the scales in anyone's decision-making process.


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