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The future of the automotive industry begins here. Keep up with the best GM has to offer and check out You’ll hear the latest product news, and see how our work is accelerating the speed of innovation.


Job Application Tips

Job Application Tips

Get the most out of your application

Practicing for your interview? Fine tuning your resume? We've got your insider advice for getting everything you can out of your application. Find out the details of our hiring process and learn how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Interview Tips

Quick Tips for Your Interview.

  • Research the company and the business function you are going to be speaking with. Know your stuff. You'll be glad when you get to the interview.
  • In the course of your research, write down a few key questions that you'd like to address during the interview process.
  • Look the part. Present yourself to be taken seriously.
  • Do your best to provide thorough yet concise answers. An interview is often time-sensitive.

Resume Tips

Quick Tips for Your Resume.

  • Write a concise (15 words or less) 'objective statement' that outlines your career goals and why you are applying for this position.
  • Chronologically highlight your most recent positions.
  • Make sure you detail and quantify all important accomplishments.
  • Use 'action words' and industry terminology that effectively illustrate your job responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Keep in mind online submission standards. Avoid too much formatting, bolding and bullets for better readability.
  • Always preview and spell check what you've uploaded.

Our Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process



Ready to discover your perfect fit at GM?

Here's how to set your future in motion. Explore new opportunities and apply for the career best suited to your unique talents and experience. A career that can broaden your skills and keep you evolving. So stake your claim as a visionary among industry leaders today. Learn how to get started.

Do you have the talent and vision to help transform the way the world drives?

Then, show us what you've got — your education and one-of-a-kind experience could qualify you for a thriving career at GM. Study the process (which takes about 6-8 weeks from application to potential offer) to best prepare yourself and maximize your chance for success.

As you explore a future with GM, take some time to get better acquainted with our world — a "Culture of Inclusion" with over 216,000 employees showcasing excellence, teamwork and limitless ambition. Our workforce, spanning 64 countries, reflects our commitment to diversity. And our sustainability initiatives have earned us widespread recognition, including the Energy Star Partner of the Year® - Sustained Excellence Award. We've recently been named among Universum's Top 100 World's Most Attractive Employers, and we engage the best and brightest talent.

Will you be the newest addition to the GM family?


A) As you review opportunities on our careers site, take note of all key duties, responsibilities and required qualifications.

B) Identify which position best matches your skills.

C) Then complete and submit your application online.


A) Our recruiters review all resumes submitted via our careers site and forward qualified applicants to the hiring manager for interview consideration.

B) In some cases, a technical phone screen is conducted to confirm eligibility.

C) Once a suitable number of candidates are identified, each candidate is contacted for an interview. This review process generally takes 3-4 weeks.


A) After our recruiters and hiring manager complete the interview process, an offer is extended and accepted.

B) In order to remain transparent, all applicants will be notified that the position has been filled via phone (for those interviewed) or email (for those not interviewed).

C) In the event that no offer is made, new resumes will be reviewed by recruiters and forwarded to the hiring manager for evaluation, launching a new round of interviews.